Twynam Agricultural Group is a founding member and continuing sponsor of Myth and the Murray Group.

Until May 2009, Twynam were the largest private holder of irrigation rights in the Murray Darling Basin. Then Twynam sold 240,000 megalitres of water entitlements to the federal government. These entitlements were from the Lachlan, Murrumbidgee, Macquarie, Gwydir and Barwon-Darling systems, and comprise the largest single sale of water for the environment in Australia’s history.

Twynam thus have a unique insight into issues facing the Basin, and have gained financially from the water reform process.

It is now the position of Twynam that the parameters that the planning process have adopted are wrong, and that many parts of the environment and economy are suffering as a consequence.

Johnny Kahlbetzer (pictured) is the Twynam representative on Myth and Murray Group, a collection of individuals who came together in 2011 to share information and to lobby for the restoration of the Murray River’s estuary.

Johnny Kahlbetzer
Johnny Kahlbetzer

In an article published in The Australian newspaper entitled ‘Free-flowing estuary vital to healthy river’ Mr Kahlbetzer explains why saving the Murray must include restoring its estuary, to read the article click here. The article was republished at On Line Opinion.

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