The Institute of Public Affairs published ‘The Black Swan of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan’ an article about myths surrounding the closure of the Murray River’s mouth in volume 68, issue 1, pages 25-27 of their magazine. The article by Jennifer Marohasy, with photographs by Ian Smissen, has also been archived here.

A supplementary submission (No. 286) was made by Myth and the Murray Group to the Senate Select Committee on the Murray-Darling Basin Plan and will be the focus of their evidence to the Public Hearing in Goolwa on 8th December, 2015.

Jennifer Marohasy, on behalf of Myth and the Murray Group, made a submission to the Senate Select Committee on the Murray-Darling Basin Plan entitled, ‘Save the Murray: Think about the Fish, and Thank the Farmers’.
October 2015

Submission by Susan Myers to…
The Proposed Murray Darling Basin Plan
April 2012

Plugging the Murray River’s Mouth: The Interrupted Evolution of a Barrier Estuary
by Jennifer Marohasy
Published by the Australian Environment Foundation
February 2012
[For the simple version without footnotes, and need to download pdf, click here.]

Save the Murray: Restore the Estuary
Address to the Sydney Institute, February 8, 2012
by Jennifer Marohasy
Listen to the podcast by clicking here.

Submission by Louise Burge to
The Guide to the Proposed Basin Plan
January 2011

Water under the Bridge: A Guide to the Murray Darling Basin
Kate Jennings
October 2011, published in The Monthly


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