After $300m buy-up, Murray fears still flow

A member of the billionaire Kahlbetzer family has accused the federal government of using water bought from irrigators to prop up South Australia’s Lower Lakes instead of benefiting natural wetlands and forests. In May 2009, Twynam Agricultural Group sold 249,000 … Continued

No plan to restore the Murray estuary

Edition 36 of ‘Public Administration Today’ includes a special feature on ‘Water and Rivers’.  Its editor, Ron Dent, explains: the series includes the provocative and controversial views of Jennifer Marohasy and John Abbot, who advocate opening the man-made barrages at the … Continued

Sea will save the Murray mouth

The following opinion piece by Jennifer Marohasy  was published in The Weekend  Australian newspaper on  August 27, 2011: THE Murray-Darling Basin is the food bowl of Australia and for years has been considered an ecological disaster. Later this year the government will release … Continued

Johnny Kahlbetzer responds to SA Liberals

On Thursday July 21, 2011,  The Land newspaper published a letter from four South Australian Liberal Policians that was highly critical of Myth and the Murray Group.       Johnny Kahlbetzer, a member and sponsor of Myth and the Murray  Group, responds in a … Continued

Advertisements in the Adelaide Advertiser

On Tuesday June 26, 2011, Myth and the Murray Group placed  a large  advertisment in the Adelaide Advertiser explaining that ‘Rivers Need Estuaries’. Download the advertisement here. On Sunday July 3, 2011, Myth and the Murray Group placed a large advertisement in … Continued

End the barrage of SA spin

IT is time to get angry about all the misinformation spun by South Australian politicians over so many years about the Murray River. The latest piece of nonsense is from Dean Brown, South Australian Liberal Premier from 1993 to 1996, … Continued